Carmelite Ecclesial Movement | Spiritual Exercises – Lignano Sabbiadoro 2023



From your heart to the edge of the world

Soiree for the 30th anniversary of the MEC


How can we celebrate 30 years of life in our Movement?

Voices, experiences, words and faces immediately come to mind: a tale that tonight becomes music, imagery and poetry. A journey to represent and share with each other the depth of a history of communion and catechesis, that charmed us in the spirit of Carmelite spirituality and that educated us in the mysteries of the Heart.

In recent years, we were helped in understanding what the human heart is made of fragile, insatiable and eager for full happiness. And at the bottom of this abyss we found ourselves mysteriously inhabited by God. We experienced just how much the heart of Christ alone corresponds to and fulfills our hunger for the infinite. We have contemplated the heart of the Trinity which generates us daily and which loves us eternally.

Finally, we realized that reaching the Heart of the Church means bringing into the world the humanity of Christ that lives inside us, to authentically meet every heart.

Therefore, we will now try to tell you this beauty that allowed every relationship, every educational deed, every Christian work and every missionary act to come to life, while building this home of ours: the MEC, that, as our children will help us understand, cherishes every single one of our hearts.


It all happened when we fell in love with the Church


Voice from Father Antonio

Carmelite charisma retains as its primary nature the “going towards the depths of the heart” (jointly: the heart of God-Trinity, the heart of Christ, the heart of the Church, the heart of the human being), imitating the Virgin Mary in knowing how to cherish everything inside one’s heart, through the intense grooming of “a life that is prayer and a prayer that is life”.

MEC’s own carmelite charisma is keen in adding that this search for “maximum depth”- exactly because offered to every christian, in every stage of their life – has to overstep into the missionarian “maximum extension”, going towards the heart of every person, of every different reality and of every life condition, up until “the world’s heart”, finding in it Christ Himself.



«The human heart is not satisfied with anything less than the Infinite»

What do you ask, then, and seek, my soul? Yours is all of this, and all is for you. Do not engage yourself in anything less or pay heed to the crumbs that fall from your Father’s table. Go forth and exult in your Glory! Hide yourself in it and rejoice, and you will obtain the supplications of your heart.

(St. John of the Cross)

The Moon – Pixar

Kurt Cobain – Brunori Sas

Living is like flying,

you can only manage it by resting on light things

In any case, you can’t ignore

that voice saying that

beyond the stars there is a better place


One day, you suddenly feel like

going to see, to find out whether it’s true

that you are more than an empty box

or the last wheel in the biggest cart ever


Go ask Kurt Cobain,

how it feels to stay on a pedestal

without falling,

go ask Marylin

how deceiving look are

and how lonesome one can be,

and not feeling anything anymore

and not feeling anything anymore

and not having anything

to say anymore.


Living is like swimming,

you can only manage it by floating on the surface of the sea

In any case, you cannot shut up

that voice saying that on the bottom of that sea

there is a better world.


And that very day you suddenly feel like

going to see, going to find out whether it’s true

that the ultimate meaning of all things

can only be found by looking deep inside you


Go ask Kurt Cobain,

how it feels to stay on a pedestal

without falling,

go ask Marylin

how deceiving look are

and how lonesome one can be,

and not feeling anything anymore

and not feeling anything anymore

and not having anything

to say anymore.


Living is like dreaming,

you can only manage it by turning the lights off

and going to sleep.

Elogio della fragilità (Praise of fragility) – Carlo Betocchi

My heart is weak tonight

like the sun that slowly rises

the roofs, and deep are my faults;

ouch! man, as always sets.

As always, as he sets,

the ineffable horizon remains

and exterminated fate, to anyone,

of existence, exterminated!

What we leave behind

crawls towards the dark,

what awaits us is incomprehensible

including the passing moment.

I am: here I am! I am,

only in this weak hour,

what decides: I am

the dividing line

the past from the future.

Eternal moment of being

that you settle in the moment,

you are my grace, decide.

Tu non mi basti mai (You are never enough for me) – Lucio Dalla

I’d want to be the dress you’ll wear

The lipstick you’ll use

I’d want to dream you as I never have

I meet you in the street and I get sad

Because then I think that you’ll leave

I’d want to be the water of the shower you have

The sheets of the bed where you’ll sleep

The saturday night’s hamburger that you’ll eat, that you’ll eat

I’d want to be the engine of your car

So that you’ll suddenly turn me on

You, I can never have enough of you

I really can never have enough of you

You, you my sweet land

Where I’ve never been

I have to talk to you as I never do

I want to dream you as I never do

I want to be the ring you’ll wear

The beach where you’ll walk

The mirror that looks at you if you’ll look at it, you’ll look at it

I’d want to be the bird that you’ll caress

And away from your hands I’d never fly

I’d want to be the tomb when you’ll die

And where you’ll live

The sky under which you’ll sleep

So that we’ll never part from each other

Not even if I’ll die and you know it

You, I can never have enough of you

I really can never have enough of you

I, I, I try you know

Don’t ever forget me



«Mine is Christ and everything for me»

Whoever has Christ Jesus as a friend and follows such a magnanimous captain as he can certainly bear everything; Indeed, Jesus helps and strengthens, never fails and sincerely loves. In fact, I have always recognized and still clearly see that we cannot please God and receive great graces from him, if not for the hands of the most sacred Humanity of Christ, in which he said he was pleased.

(St. Teresa of Avila)

L’anima vola (The soul flies) – Elisa | The dance of the soul seeking Christ

The soul flies

It just needs some fresh air

If you look into my eyes

Search for my heart

Don’t get lost in its reflections


Don’t buy me anything

I am gonna smile if you’ll notice me in the crowd

Yes, it is important that

I’ll be for you in any case and anywhere

The one you have known forever


A kiss is like the wind

When it slowly blows and yet it moves everything

And a strong soul that can be on its own

When it looks for you it is just because it still wants you

And if it looks for you it is just because


The soul dares

It gets lost

And then finds itself again

And look how it dances

Whenever it knows you are there watching


Don’t bring me anything

As long as I’ll know i can stop an instant with you

If I can make it

Then I’ll be able to recognize you through a thousand storms


A kiss is like the wind

When it slowly blows and yet it moves everything

A strong soul who is not afraid

When it looks for you it is just because it still wants you

When it looks for you it is just because it still wants you

And if it looks for you it is just because…


The soul flies

Doesn’t get lost

The soul flies

Doesn’t hide

The soul flies

What does it need?

The soul flies

Doesn’t fade away

Mio fiume anche tu (You too my river) – Giuseppe Ungaretti

Now that in the graves

Man tears himself apart

With twisted fantasies

And shameless hands

And pity contracts into a scream from stone;

Now that innocence

Groaning, demands at least an echo

Even from the hardened heart;

Now I see clearly in the dark night.


Now I see clearly in the dark night, I learn,

I know that Hell has come to Earth

To such a degree that

Man, lunatic, dodges

The purity of Your passion.


The burden of pain,

That man spreads across the earth,

Plagues Your heart;

Your heart is the zealous seat

Of a love not vain.


Christ, thoughtful and moving

An incarnate star among the darkness of humanity,

Brother who ceaselessly

Sacrifices graciously

To rebuild man.

Saint, Saint, how you suffer

Teacher and brother and God, how you know us, the weak

Saint, Saint, how you suffer

To free the dead from death

And support those of us who live in misery.

I cry no more from tears that are only mine,

Here, I call You, Saint,

Saint, Saint, how you suffer.

Love rescue me – U2



«Whoever possesses God lacks nothing, God alone is enough»

Give thought to the fact that your soul is the temple of God. Every instant of the day and night, the three Divine Persons re­side in you.  Once you are aware of this, it is a most delightful intimacy; you are never alone again.

(St. Elizabeth of the Trinity)

The Tree of Life – Film adaptation by Terrence Malick

Trinitarian romances – Text adaptation by St. John of the Cross (from the show I am the Love, Lignano 2012)

I will be the man‘s Father,

You will be the man’s Son: 

in the Spirit we will love,

always together towards the sky.

I will be Father completely,

he can love me and he can have me:

he can send me far away, too.

But we will go on looking for his love:

if we are free, if we are alive, 

as the son that is loved.

In the peace and in the pain 

we will go on looking for him.

We won’t lose anybody: 

no sons, no smiles and no tears.

All words will be a gift:

every flower and every blowing, 

from the abysses to the mountains,

above the skies and in the deserts,

from the corals to the butterflies:

we will be as a hug. 

A strong and tight hug in the silence

and inside the heart, 

never too far, never forgotten.


How would humanity look like if we understood that every I is generated by a multitude of Yous that come across life?

When my I encounters God’s You, I truly understand where I come from, where my own self is originated from, who were all the Yous previously met, what they were telling, where they were leading to.

I am one of God’s heartbeats and God’s happy with me, first of all and regardless of everything: He’s happy as the Father that made me, as the Son that became my companion and that redeemed me, as the Holy Ghost that shines in my heart and in my mind.

Terra degli uomini (Land of men) – Jovanotti

And at times the strong men become worn out

They forget every lesson

You know what I mean if I say

That there’s a solution for everything

And all of the lights turn on

Billions of pixels ignite

They move to the rhythm of a beat

A beat, a beat

And there’s a pulse beneath my feet

And there’s the sky above my head

And I live right in the middle

In the land of men

Where the music plays

And technology governs

And I like plastic

Practice is experimented and

And a tear is formed

Where the music plays

And the future unravels

And love is made

And love is made

It’s always the best ones that leave

They leave us without instructions

To reprogram the traffic lights

Looking for holy reasons

And there’s always a great sun to surprise us

In the indifference of the referees

Who stay to read the monitors

With impassive faces

And there’s a chasm beneath my feet

And I have angels above my head

And here we’re right in the middle

In the land of men

Where the music plays

Friendship is generated

Where everything is possible

Where a dream is populated

The guitar is electrified

And resonates the harmonics

Where the willows laugh

Where the comics weep

And the force is amplified

And blood is mixed

And love is a trap

Not always however

Sometimes it (love) frees you

And you feel like a fairy tale

And it seems that your whole life isn’t

Only rhetoric

But the purest substance

That nourishes cells

And it makes you want to live

Until the final moment

Where the music plays

In the land of men

Where you find a place for even those who

Smile at you from an angle

Until the final moment

Until the final moment

Until the final moment



«Maximum depth for maximum extension»

I saw and realized that love sets off the bounds of all vocations, that love is everything, that this same love embraces every time and every place. In one word, that love is everlasting. Then, nearly ecstatic with the supreme joy in my soul, I proclaimed: O Jesus, my love, at last I have found my calling: my call is love. […] In the heart of the Church, my mother, I will be love, and thus I will be all things, as my desire finds its direction.

(St. Thérèse of the Child Jesus)

Sunday morning prayer (12 July 1942) – Etty Hillesum, Diary

Dear God, these are anxious times. Tonight for the first time I lay in the dark with burning eyes as scene after scene of human suffering passed before me. I shall promise You one thing, God, just one very small thing. I shall never burden my today with cares about my tomorrow, although that takes some practice. Each day is sufficient unto itself. I shall try to help You, God, to stop my strength ebbing away, though I cannot vouch for it in advance. But one thing is becoming increasingly clear to me: that You cannot help us, that we must help You to help ourselves. And that is all we can manage these days and also all that really matters: that we safeguard that little piece of You, God, in ourselves. And perhaps in others as well. Alas, there doesn’t seem to be much You Yourself can do about our circumstances, about our lives. Neither do I hold you responsible. You cannot help us, but we must help You and defend Your dwelling place inside us to the last.

A house is a home – Ben & Ellen Harper

Il filo del vestito (The thread of the dress) – Madeleine Delbrêl

In my community, Lord, help me to love, to be like the thread of a dress. It holds the various pieces together and no one sees it except the tailor who put it there. You, Lord, my tailor, tailor of the community, make me capable of being in the world by serving with humility, because if the thread shows, everything turned out badly. Make me love in this Church of yours, because it is love that holds the various pieces together.

Shine a light – Rolling Stones